About Us

Our Mission:  We are passionate about inspiring and empowering businesses and individuals to develop, project and monetize their defined, aligned and confident employer brand, company identity, nonprofit image or personal brand. 

Our Vision: We aim to be the region's most effective, results-driven small business enterprise solely dedicated to creating or rebuilding an image that helps clients identify or increase sales, donations, talent, membership or opportunities.

Our Positioning: Leveraging decades of experience at global brands (Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo and Boston Scientific), we are New England's most qualified minority and woman-owned business enterprise dedicated solely to helping clients define and market an authentic and sustainable brand that can help them achieve their business or personal goals. 

Our Objective: To help clients discover and live their awesomeness through unique and compelling storytelling.  

Our Background: In July, 2015, MDK Brand Management was founded by Denise Kaigler, an experienced brand management, marketing and corporate communications strategist who spearheaded public relations and brand-building programs for Reebok, Nintendo and Boston Scientific, where she was responsible for corporate branding and brand management. In October 2015, Denise launched her company with three clients, including former employer Boston Scientific.

Our Certifications: MDK Brand Management is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston as a minority and woman-owned business enterprise.