This how-to blog is focused on helping professionals and business owners rewind and define their personal or business brand during challenging and uncertain times. Follow the below 5 tips to help your brand stand out and breakthrough.

During the past year, millions of workers left their job. Thousands were laid from numerous companies, including Ford, Expedia, General Mills, and Nokia. The pink slip reasons ranged from voluntary buyouts to redeployment of assets. Millions more quit their job to start their own business, or to search for better work-life-balance or higher pay and better benefits.

Regardless of what prompted the move, the key is to be prepared for your next chapter either beforehand or soon after. Follow the below five tips to help create a new you in 2022:

  1. Accept that a brand rewind may be necessary: Delaying the journey to a new you may cost you the chance to get a step up on the competition.
  2. Embrace opportunities to rewind your brand: There are more programs than ever before to help you rebuild your career, regardless of the reason. Seek them out, including my career coaching programs at https://www.mdkbrandmanagement.com
  3. Believe you can, and you will: Rebuilding a career takes a lot of time and effort, especially when that career puts you on a totally different path. But it’s worth it. I did it. You can, too.
  4. Visualize your new brand: Dressing for the role you want even before you get it projects a level of self-confidence that can open eyes, ears and doors. See it, then go for it!
  5. Build relationships with like-minded: Seek out those who already have a strong and distinguished footprint in your desired industry. Follow and connect with them on social; perhaps even request a casual sit down to learn their story and share yours.

Early in a new year is an ideal time to set new goals. But this year in particular, 2022, seems to be full of endless opportunities. It’s up to you to prepare yourself to go out and grab them!

Denise Kaigler is the founder and principal of MDK Brand Management, a firm specializing in brand strategy, business consultancy and career coaching.  Prior to launching her business in 2015, Denise held senior, executive and C-suite-level roles at several global brands. Denise is the author of Forty Dollars and a Brand: How to Overcome Challenges, Defy the Odds and Live Your Awesomeness, available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is also the creator and executive producer of Brand Rewind ™, a multi-media platform designed to entertain, explore and empower. To subscribe to the Brand Rewind ™ newsletter, click here.