About MDK Brand Management

MDK Brand Management is passionate about crafting stories and defining brands in ways that help our clients strengthen their profile, engage new audiences, and reach career or business goals. Our core mission is simple: To help under-represented professionals and organizations stand out and break through. 

Our founder Denise Kaigler knows all about breaking through. She’s done that throughout her groundbreaking career. Denise was able to overcome a childhood plagued by shyness and introversion to defy the odds and break numerous glass ceilings while working at multi-billion-dollar companies, including Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo, and Boston Scientific.

In 2015, after nearly 25 years in corporate, Denise founded MDK Brand Management so she could pour into clients the lessons she learned and relevant skills she acquired. Denise’s experience, which includes executive and C-suite roles and business ownership – distinguishes MDK Brand Management from other small branding firms. This experience is embedded across three MDK Brand Management services:

  • Through our interactive personal branding workshops, we help employees, executives and entrepreneurs define a personal brand that supports their professional goals.
  • Through our Peer Advisory Group, we help executives pursue growth opportunities and work through business and personal challenges.  
  • Through our business consulting, we help businesses and non-profits create or strengthen their brand platform with strategies that support their business goals and objectives.

Who We Are

We all enjoy great stories. A great story has the power to engage the mind, body and soul. It inspires us to want to learn more, join the conversation, be part of the movement. A great story compels us to buy a product, retain a service, or hire a job candidate. At its core, branding is the art of storytelling.

Crafting compelling stories that help define, build, or restore brands is at the heart of who we are. Without the foundation of a compelling story, brands simply cannot engage, thrive and grow. Stories give brands a voice, capture audiences, and create opportunities.

MDK Brand Management wants to discover your great story and help build its defined and aligned brand, all while coaching you to your professional breakthrough and personal awesomeness.


We are passionate about crafting compelling stories and creating defined brands that help under-represented professionals and organizations stand out and break through
Our Brand

Results-driven & passionate about defining, developing, and rebuilding business and personal brands

Our Differentiator

Decades of communications and branding experience at multi-billion dollar companies, including Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo and Boston Scientific

Our Certifications

Certified digital marketer; verified as a minority and woman-owned business enterprise

About Denise Kaigler

Denise was raised by a single mother in S.E., Washington, D.C. where she discovered her love of political and human-interest stories. She began her career as a television news reporter and later became an award-winning and certified digital marketer, a career coach, brand strategist and former C-suite executive. Denise, who is also an adjunct professor, is the author of Forty Dollars and a Brand: How to Overcome Challenges, Defy the Odds and Live Your Awesomeness. This interactive professional and personal development guide chronicles her personal brand evolution and includes brand-building tips, steps, exercises and activities. Denise has nearly 25-years of corporate experience at multi-billion dollar brands, including Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo and Boston Scientific, where her responsibilities included media and public relations, corporate communications, corporate branding and brand management.

I'm a Certified Digital Marketer

My Certificates

In 2021, Denise was certified as a digital marketer and selected by her classmates to receive the Digital Marketers BizHacker Award. Her digital marketing expertise includes Online Lead Generation and Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques.

Shortly after graduating from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a degree in broadcast journalism, Denise became a television news reporter. During her on-air stints in Columbus, GA and Boston, MA, Denise worked on overcoming her shyness, honed her writing and public speaking skills and began learning the importance of branding.

Forty Dollars and a Brand, inspired by Denise’s personal brand journey from a shy introvert to a corporate executive and business owner, includes brand-building steps, tips and first-hand stories featuring numerous celebrities, including JAY-Z, former President Bill Clinton, Beyoncé, Oprah and Will Smith. The book is available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Denise, who has an adult daughter and son, is active in the non-profit community, currently or previously serving on several boards, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Mass Humanities, Sail Boston, Emerson College, and the University of Massachusetts Boston Advisory Board for Sport Leadership and Management. She is also an adjunct professor at Lasell University and the University of Massachusetts Boston. Denise has received numerous awards and recognitions, including twice being named among the “Most Influential Black Women in Corporate America” by Savoy magazine.