Q: What services does MDK Brand Management, LLC offer?


Services provided by MDK Brand Management include facilitating customized interactive workshops and developing employer brand initiatives and personal brand initiatives. Workshop participants develop elevator pitches and define brand sound bites.  Elevator pitch role-plays are also part of the companyís unique program. MDK workshops can be designed to meet your specific, unique needs.  Customized workshops can be between 45 minutes and four hours.  Workshops can include as few as five participants and as many as two hundred. Initiatives are designed to address various factors that influence clients' employer or personal brand.  For our employer clients, which include businesses, non-profits and educational institutions, MDK helps define taglines and write positioning and mission statements as well as reviews and edits website content updates.   These MDK programs are designed to help our clients achieve their professional objectives or reach their personal goals. 

Q: Other companies offer branding services. What makes your company a better option?


By combining and leveraging best practices learned from global brands Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo and Boston Scientific, with customized strategies and motivating workshop activities, MDK Brand Management, LLC is the regionís most qualified small business dedicated solely to helping clients define, enhance and market their desired employer or personal brand. 

Q: Who are your clients?

A: MDK is proud to work with clients that represent a variety of categories.  Our clients include A Maven's World, Boston Scientific, Brookview House, Corporate Counsel Women of Color, the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Ron Burton Training Village, and the University of Massachusetts Boston.  MDK appreciates the support of each of these organizations. 

Q: How do I request a customized workshop or branding initiative?

A: To request an interactive workshop for company employees, professional organization members or other groups, or inquire about customizing a branding initiative for yourself or your organization, please email Denise Kaigler at denise@mdkbrandmanagement.com or call MDK at 781-856-6740.  

Q: What are the fees?

A: MDK Brand Management fees are based on several factors, including whether your organization is a for-profit, non-profit or educational or state entity.  The fee is also sometimes based on the number of participants involved.

Q: Are the workshops held at a dedicated location, or do you travel to clients?

A: Workshops are held at the location of the client or a location selected by the client.  This makes it very convenient for the participants.  MDK brings the necessary equipment to each workshop. 

Q: What do I need to bring to each workshop?

A: The most important requirements for the workshops are a positive attitude, an open mind and a willing disposition.  Since a lot of information is covered in the workshops, it may be helpful for each participant to bring a notebook and pen. Everything else is provided. 

Q: If I live outside Massachusetts or even New England, am I able to participate in any programs offered by MDK Brand Management?

A: MDK Brand Management can travel to clients outside of the New England area.  For instance, MDK has held customized workshops in Florida and Nevada.  Please contact Denise Kaigler at denise@mdkbrandmanagement.com if you or your company has a need for an interactive brand management workshop or customized branding initiative. 

Q: How do I contact Denise Kaigler?

A: Denise Kaigler can be reached at denise@mdkbrandmanagement.com or 781-856-6740.