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What is branding and what does it mean to have a brand?

Branding is the process of distinguishing an organization or an individual from others and in ways that are memorable and clearly understood. When someone or something has a well-defined brand, it means they are easily described, accurately perceived and project themselves with distinction.

Why is it important to have a brand?

For some people and organizations, having a brand has no level of importance. However, for those who want to make money, raise money, receive money or donate money, having a consistent and defined brand is a key advantage. When entities stand out and project a defined, consistent and confident brand – when their compelling story is told – they are in a much stronger positon to persuade, engage, enlighten, educate and inform key stakeholders, and that could lead to revenue generation.

How does MDK Brand Management help businesses create their brand?

Many businesses (this also includes nonprofits and individuals) struggle with defining a consistent and confident brand. The key to overcoming that struggle is to think of their brand as a story. MDK Brand Management helps clients discover, craft and share compelling stories, which is the foundation of a strong and confident brand. There are several aspects to a story. The way in which those aspects are Identified and crafted is critical to effective branding. Please check out the Services page on our website for more details.

What strengths or advantages does MDK Brand Management have that other branding companies don’t?

One key strength is that MDK Brand Management is focused solely on branding. We dedicate all of our resources and efforts to building, defining, communicating and protecting our clients’ brands. In addition to this single focus, the breadth and depth of our branding experience is unique. Founder Denise Kaigler brings to MDK decades of experience at numerous multi-billion dollar companies, including Reebok, adidas Group, Nintendo and Boston Scientific. Denise’s corporate responsibilities included corporate branding and brand management.

There are countless branding services. Why should I choose MDK Brand Management?

MDK Brand Management doesn’t just talk about branding, it has decades of hands-on, relevant branding experience. Founder Denise Kaigler headed up corporate branding and brand management at Boston Scientific. While serving as the company’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Denise led its global rebranding. This included a new mission, core values, key messages and tagline, ‘Advancing science for life,’ which was written by Denise. She brings this and other relevant experience and background to MDK Brand Management.

What are MDK Brand Management’s fees?

Our fees vary, depending on the service provided. As well, workshop, contracting and presentation fees vary, depending on the length of each. Verified nonprofit organizations receive a discount on each service. If you are interested in working with MDK Brand Management, please contact us at

How do I contact Denise Kaigler directly?

Denise can be reached at She is committed to responding to messages within 48 hours.