AI, or artificial intelligence, includes self-driving cars, robots, artificially created images, and ChatGBT along with other chatbots which can write almost anything on command. To deny the impact of AI on this and future generations is an exercise in futility. Who doesn’t ask Alexa or Siri at least one question or to perform at least one task on any given day?

Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit, was the featured speaker and honoree at the C-Level Community Thought Leadership Annual Award Dinner in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It was a fascinating conversation with one of the powers behind the social news website and forum that boasts more than 50 million unique daily users. During the open Q&A for the event’s 150 attendees, I asked Steve about AI, given the concern that artificial intelligence is threatening the minds of our young people, the future of humanity and, more immediately, the jobs of millions of employees, including his own.

Research shows that AI can perform certain routine tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans can. According to Intellect Data, “AI is having a significant impact on the job market. The World Economic Forum’s ‘The Future of Jobs Report 2020’ predicts AI will replace 85 million jobs globally by 2025. The same report further indicates that AI may create 97 million new roles. But the types of jobs that AI will create will differ from those that are being lost. For example, AI is already being used to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, such as data entry and processing. This means that jobs requiring these skills will likely be automated in the future. However, machines are less likely to replace jobs requiring human skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and empathy in the near future.”

However, with its continued evolution, AI may write a different ending.

Take a couple of moments to watch Steve’s answer to my question in the below “Reddit and AI” video.

Reddit and AI

Thanks to Larry Siff, CEO of Neptune Advisors and founder of the C-Level Community, for organizing last week’s thought-provoking conversation.