Entering a new year is a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. As you reflect on your business brand and how you can broaden your consumer reach, below are some key consumer takeaways from 2022 that can help you successfully launch or grow your business in 2023:

Design a logo that engages consumers —

  • Minimalistic logos, gradient logos, motion in design were all effective design elements in appealing to consumers in 2022, according to Kimp.
  • Kimp also found the following data regarding logo design techniques:
    • 90% of consumers make purchases based on design color
    • Color increases brand awareness by 80%
    • Ads that are printed in color are read 42% more than ads in black and white

Use social media to connect with audiences —

  • According to Rizen Metrics, about 70% of consumers rely on social media to find products and services
  • About 71% of consumers who had a positive experience regarding a brand’s social media are likely to suggest the product or service to another individual
  • 74% of social media users will share video content and posts from a brand

Use hashtags to increase brand awareness —

  • According to Inc., tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted
  • Accounts that use hashtags get double the engagement than those that do not

Consumers are looking for brands that reflect their values and support their needs. IBM found that 44% of consumers are purpose driven, meaning that they choose brands and services based on how much they relate to their values. Hybrid shopping, meaning seeking brands with a strong online presence, makes up 27% of shoppers. Approximately 36% of these shoppers is made up of Gen Z consumers.

According to Davidson We Grow:

  • 77% of consumers want brands to be helpful throughout the buying experience
  • 75% of consumers hope brands effectively communicate how they are going to adapt to consumer needs, specifically related to the pandemic

Consumers crave humanity and relatability. In a world that has been so distant following the pandemic, people are looking for ways to stay connected, even virtually. They don’t only want to be connected to your product or service, they want to feel connected to your story.

According to Finances Online, below are five branding trends to tap in 2023:

  • Continuation of minimalistic branding: This may include adaptable logos with simplistic fonts and graphics
  • Nostalgic branding: tap into consumers’ emotions
  • Online communities and platforms: for people with similar interests to connect
  • “Anti-ad” advertising: a discrete campaign that does not make customers feel as though they are being pitched to
  • Storytelling advertising: don’t just tell people to buy a product or service, tell them why they should purchase.

While branding is customized, keeping up with marketing trends and techniques will not only help keep your business relevant but it may help it grow throughout 2023 and beyond.