Peer Advisory

Why join a peer advisory group? 

A peer advisory group provides a safe, non-judgmental space where members can open up and share their organization’s 

challenges, risks, and opportunities without the fear of rejection, ridicule or dismissal. Group members provide feedback 

and guidance and ask helpful and insightful questions in a non-competitive environment. 

What are the benefits of being a peer advisory group member? 

Being a member of a peer advisory group can be a game-changer for leaders looking to grow and succeed. By gaining new perspectives, accountability, networking opportunities, professional development and increased confidence, peer advisory group members are better positioned to achieve their business objectives and reach their personal goals. 

Can only CEOs join the MDK CEO Peer Advisory Group? 

While the group’s core target is the CEO or top executive of their organization, the primary qualification is a growth- mindset. Members of the advisory group must be committed to growing both their organization and their leadership. The ideal member is not deterred by challenges, is open to learning and is willing to be vulnerable. They are committed to gaining new insights, tools and strategies, and accepting feedback from others, including those unfamiliar to them. 

What are the goals of the MDK CEO Peer Advisory Group? 

The goals of the MDK CEO Peer Advisory Group include helping members identify and pursue the most promising growth opportunities, and work through their toughest business and personal challenges. Providing a confidential platform for open discussion and sensitive dialogue is also a key priority. 

What are the necessary commitments to being an MDK CEO Peer Advisory Group member? 

There are two required investments. The first is time. Each month, the members meet 1:1 with the group facilitator. Members bring their time-sensitive, most pressing challenges and opportunities to these one-hour online sessions. Also each month, members meet together in-person for a 3 to 4-hour group meeting. The second investment is financial. Upon signing the MDK Peer Advisory Group Agreement, members pay a one-time $600 enrollment fee. There is a monthly $1,250 fee to participate in the group. The location of the in-person monthly meetings rotates among the members’ organizations. The host member provides the meeting space, as well as food and beverages for attendees. 

What happens in the MDK Peer Advisory Group meetings? 

During the confidential monthly group meetings, members share, support, inquire and strategize. The foundation of these meetings is the MDK G.R.O.W. Process. The G.R.O.W. model is based on the long-proven theory that using questions rather than instructions or directives can be more effective in achieving organizational growth. Focusing on questions is more likely to help peer group members see and approach challenges and opportunities differently. 

Do peer advisory groups deliver an ROI? 

Who is the MDK CEO Peer Advisory Group founder and facilitator? 

MDK Brand Management’s CEO Peer Advisory Group is facilitated by accomplished corporate executive, small business owner, published author, and group founder Denise Kaigler. To learn more about Denise, visit her LinkedIn page at HERE. To schedule a meeting with Denise to learn more about the MDK Peer Advisory Group, visit HERE.