Oh my goodness, it was so stressful getting to the Boston Chamber’s invitation-only Executive Women’s Networking Dinner last week. Stress courtesy of President Biden’s Boston visit at the exact same time in the exact same Boston Seaport area! Gun boats patrolled the Boston Harbor while street closures and state police protected the roadways. I finally made it to the dinner, and it was worth the stress. Such a fantastic group of senior level accomplished women gathering to simply meet, share, and enjoy. Thanks to Kristin Canty, owner of Woods Hill Pier 4 restaurant, Saskia Epstein from sponsor PNC Bank, and Celia Richa from the Boston Chamber, for gathering us. I left corporate in June of 2015 and launched my company, MDK Brand Management, three weeks later. I spent the first two years redefining my brand from a C-Suite executive to a hustling entrepreneur. It was the most grueling period of my career. While pivoting was hard, my broad network of professional women helped immensely. The first person who made me truly believe I could build a solid branding and marketing business is a woman, two of my first 3 client contacts are women, my two biggest business clients today are led by women, and half of my executive coaching clients are women. For the women reading this who are starting a small business or beginning their corporate career, seek out and embrace the support and power of women. I’m a huge believer in inspirational quotes. Here are two of my favorites that get me fired up as a woman: “Badassery happens when women support each other.” – Unknown. And this one: “When a woman has sisterhood with other women without comparison or competition, she gains the super power to soar.” Christine Arylo. Do you have a quote that fires you up?